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The vision people has about the number 13 world’s economy is often out of the step with reality : the emergence of Korea took place in the 1980s, so that the GDP per capita is now equivalent of European countries. The economic & trade exchanges between Korea & Europe (especially France) are unfortunately below their potential. This country of 50 million inhabitants is even more important if not urgent, as Korea knows very deep & very rapid changes that make it a model of creativity & a flagship countries in Asia Pacific especially for Chinese consumers.

The new generation is different & sensitive to trends from abroad, It boosts significantly the Korean society.

*Population: 50,220,000 inhabitants – Life expectancy at birth: 81 years – Fertility rate (children per woman) : 1.30 – Human Development Index : 0.8914 Gini coefficient : 0.31

13th economic power (since 2014) – 5th largest exporter – global GDP ( $ )*: 1305 milliards – Wage per capita ( $ ): 25 975 – Number of millionaires *: 176,000 (the 11th in the world) – Average salary ( $ ): 36 354 – Unemployment (proportion of the working population) : 3.5% – public debt ( share of GDP ) : 34.7% Trade in goods and services ( percentage of GDP ) 50.6 %.

(*) source: CCI Paris – Corée du Sud – June 2015



Buying desk & contact point in Seoul, specialized in European emerging high-end fashion brands, greenfashion, eco-design, organic beauty & FMCG

Our goal is to offer a new environment of “fashion & lifestyle living” to young Korean generations. Many emerging designers & brands must be recognized for their talents, innovation & the quality of their products. We develop brands via social networks, Digital Agencies, offline Korean partners acting in their own fields. 👀 See our brands (only english version).

✈️Import customs clearance – Entry – Import declaration – C / S clearance – Customs clearance inspection

🎥Content production – Marketing related design – Homepage – Publicity video – PR materials – POP – Package design

💬Communication – Brand contract – Request for import of goods – Brand data – intercultural Collaboration

🌐Expand distribution network – Department store, duty free shop – Large mart – Franchise and store – Home shopping – Online shopping mall


Sourcing & Procurement 

For Asian importers & distributors, we provide benchmarks, sourcing & identification of potential Exclusivity licences to launch in Korea & Japan and Asia widely.  👀 More details.



European distributor & wholesaler online

We are based in Seoul, we always look for Korean, Japanese & HK Designer Brands acting in the fashion & lifestyle industry, that we distribute to Europe through our online shops & offline networks. 👀 More details.




🔘  Develop your brand & boost your sales in South Korea & Japan

Korea is a flagship for South-Asian countries & China

🔘  Build a strong relation with your best local partner

we all together build a relation based on confidence

🔘  Contact point with European or Korean spokespersons

the culture gap is very huge, communication can be sometimes complicated

🔘  Stay updated about the Korean markets trend

at any time you can ask for informations about what’s new on the Korean & Japanese market

🔘  Reduce risks & save time

▫️as exclusive importer, we handle responsibilities for importation, legal & custom clearance

▫️we also offers to European suppliers agency services based on commissions as Exclusive Agent

▫️you develop your business with(out) small investments

▫️covered with European laws in case of litigation

🔘  Trust & Transparency relation

the aim is to satisfy each client based on WIN-WIN businesses & opportunities