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The vision people has about the number 13 world’s economy is often out of the step with reality : the emergence of Korea took place in the 1980s, so that the GDP per capita is now equivalent of European countries. The economic & trade exchanges between Korea & Europe (especially France) are unfortunately below their potential. This country of 50 million inhabitants is even more important if not urgent, as Korea knows very deep & very rapid changes that make it a model of creativity & a flagship countries in Asia Pacific especially for Chinese consumers.

The new generation is different & sensitive to trends from abroad, It boosts significantly the Korean society.

*Population: 50,220,000 inhabitants – Life expectancy at birth: 81 years – Fertility rate (children per woman) : 1.30 – Human Development Index : 0.8914 Gini coefficient : 0.31

13th economic power (since 2014) – 5th largest exporter – global GDP ( $ )*: 1305 milliards – Wage per capita ( $ ): 25 975 – Number of millionaires *: 176,000 (the 11th in the world) – Average salary ( $ ): 36 354 – Unemployment (proportion of the working population) : 3.5% – public debt ( share of GDP ) : 34.7% Trade in goods and services ( percentage of GDP ) 50.6 %.

(*) source: CCI Paris – Corée du Sud – June 2015




Buying desk & contact point in Seoul, specialized in European emerging high-end fashion brands, greenfashion, eco-design, organic beauty & FMCG

Our goal is to offer a new environment of “fashion & lifestyle living” to young Korean generations. Many emerging designers & brands must be recognized for their talents, innovation & the quality of their products. We develop brands via social networks, Digital Agencies, offline Korean partners acting in their own fields. 👀 See our brands (only english version).

✈️ Import customs clearance – Entry – Import declaration – C / S clearance – Customs clearance inspection

🎥 Content production – Marketing related design – Homepage – Publicity video – PR materials – POP – Package design

💬 Communication – Brand contract – Request for import of goods – Brand data – intercultural Collaboration

🌐 Expand distribution network – Department store, duty free shop – Large mart – Franchise and store – Home shopping – Online shopping mall


Sourcing & Procurement 

For Asian importers & distributors, we provide benchmarks, sourcing & identification of potential Exclusivity licences to launch in Korea & Japan and Asia widely.  👀 More details.



European distributor & wholesaler online

We are based in Seoul, we always look for Korean, Japanese & HK Designer Brands acting in the fashion & lifestyle industry, that we distribute to Europe through our online shops & offline networks. 👀 More details.



Develop your brand & boost your sales in South Korea & Japan

Korea is a flagship for South-Asian countries & China

Build a strong relation with your best local partner

we all together build a relation based on confidence

Contact point with European or Korean spokespersons

the culture gap is very huge, communication can be sometimes complicated

Stay updated about the Korean markets trend

at any time you can ask for informations about what’s new on the Korean & Japanese market

Reduce risks & save time

as exclusive importer, we handle responsibilities for importation, legal & custom clearance

we also offers to European suppliers agency services based on commissions as Exclusive Agent

you develop your business with(out) small investments

covered with European laws in case of litigation

Trust & Transparency relation

the aim is to satisfy each client based on WIN-WIN businesses & opportunities


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